Competition Raffle Draw Terms & Conditions

  1. By taking part in our Competition Raffle Draw you accept all the terms & condition below. 
  2. To take part in one of our competitions, you must:
    1. Go to Competition page on our website
    2. Choose the competition you want to take part in. 
    3. Pick a number from a drop down menu and add it to your basket. (There might be a different amount of numbers in each competition)
    4. Answer the QUESTION above the PRIZE description and type your answer in “special instruction for the seller” box in your shopping basket. 
    5. You can buy as many tickets as you like.
    6. Do not buy any other products apart from one ticket or multiple tickets on this occasion.
    7. That's all, you are now taking part in the competition.
  3. Prize:
    1. The prize for each competition will be illustrated on the pictures and described in the ticket description just below the question. The ticket is valid only for the competition selected. 
    2. The prize can not be returned or exchanged for any other product. 
  4. The lottery draw will take place once all the numbers are sold. All the participants will be informed of the draw date and time. And this depends on how quickly all the tickets are sold. It may take a day, week or few weeks. You  may find the progress of the competition by checking how many numbers are left/ available in the drop down menu on this competition page.  
  5. We will use this site to generate the lucky number:
  6. The draw will be streamed LIVE on our facebook account, feel welcome to come to the shop on that day to see it live. 
  7. There are no refunds for the tickets sold, once you paid, you cannot withdraw, exchange or return the ticket for any reason. 
  8. You cannot change the number you have picked when buying the ticket. 
  9. We will inform the winner by email and/or by phone. You will have one month to collect the prize from the date when draw takes place. 
  10. You can collect the prize from our shop.
  11. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us via email
  12. Good luck everyone !!!