How to grow big biceps?

How to grow big biceps?

How to grow big biceps.. by Tom Pye

Hi guys, 

Maybe you got a new T-shirt or jumper for Christmas? Or have just wanted to know how to grow the size of your arms?.. Here are a few tips from us to ensure those sleeves are filled going into 2021! 

For your body to physically grow and get bigger in any area, you need to be in a consistent calorie surplus! This means consuming more calories a day than you burn alongside enough daily protein for your personal needs.. 

A good starting point for daily protein intake, is 1 gram of protein per lb of bodyweight for males. 0.6gram per lb of bodyweight for females. 

Try to get this amount in, or more through whole foods but then supplements such as Casein, Whey protein shakes and bars add to the convenience and make the process a lot easier.

If we want to grow muscle alongside any weight gain, we also need to get stronger over time to match. This forces the body to adapt and grow which is what we are looking for to grow some sleeve fillers!..

With arm training, focus on full ranges of motion ‘ROM’ on every rep.. Fully lengthening and shortening the muscle with slow controlled tempo’s. Don’t rush the reps, try to make a light weight feel heavy and progress that strength over time..

For biceps, vary the type of curl you perform through your session. Either curl with a ‘free weight’ or support the elbow on a machine or pad to apply added strictness to the curl. 

Your wrist angle plays a part in the contraction, so think about varying the curls you perform across your sessions. Here some examples you could include..

Stick to a few of them until you max strength for high reps, then change them up in your program for different angles..

-Alternating bicep curls 

-Hammer curls 

-Barbell curl 

-Machine curl

-Reverse curl

-Cable curl 

-Preacher curl

-Single arm preacher curl 

-Rope hammer curls


-Concentration curls 

After you’ve torn the muscle, you need to recover!..

Consume a high carbohydrate/ protein meal soon after your session and ensure you’re in that calorie suplus, try to get plenty of sleep and rest the muscle. Recovery is just as important for muscle growth as the training!

Keep training while at home, and your post lockdown biceps will thank you! 

Thanks guys, we hope to see you all in store soon,

Tom Pye

Vitamin Store Salford Team



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