Freestanding Boxing Punch Bar with Punching Speed Ball Reflection Speed Ball

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Here is the innovative tool for your boxing training.Punching Bag you can now develop maximum precision, speed in reflexes and shots, combinations and more, instantly.The quick-reflecting rotating bar is made of padded stainless steel and rotates once struck.

The target of the blade is in padded steel and the speed ball above the spring is in dense molded foam; this makes it ideal for all punches, blows and combinations.

Installation is quick; just fill the base with water or sand and the punching bag is ready for action. Rubber suction cups for maximum stability are placed on the bottom.

Adjustable height

Made to the highest quality this boxing MMA & fitness device is ideal for using at home or gym to help develop your boxing or MMA skills.

Great for blocking, ducking, counter punching, footwork, hand & eye co-ordination, stamina, fitness, drills & circuit training.