Protella Pink 250gr protein spread

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Protella Pink is our legendary pink chocolate cream with hazelnuts that will surprise you with its magical flavor and color. It will transport you back to your childhood! It will also give you an extra supply of energy thanks to its 20% protein, does not contain added sugars or palm oil.

Mix the hazelnut cream and spread it directly on a slice of bread, cookies, cake, cereal or even in your favorite bowl; eat it quickly to prevent theft among family and friends.

EXTRA USE: If you are in a hurry but want to fill your stomach, a good spoon directly from the bottle is enough to feel full of energy again!

Thanks to its texture, it is easy to spread and you can use it in your favorite pancakes, desserts and recipes.

Ingredients: Vegetable oil, Whey Protein, maltitol, powdered milk, 10% hazelnut paste, coconut and shea butter, inulin, lecithin and rosé flavours.

Nutritional table Protella Pink

Allergens: gluten, soy, lactose and nuts.

Storage: Store between 18-20 degrees and a maximum of 60% relative humidity, preserved from aromatic substances. Consume preferably before 24 months.